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We’re professionals at professional kitchens.

We sell, install and repair professional equipment for restaurants, caterers and fast food chains on the Swedish market.

We have over 100 years of experience together. With customers ranging from the biggest hotels and amusement parks to local food trucks and elementary schools, we can proudly say that we are professionals at everything related to purchasing, installing and maintaining a professional kitchen.


We are a reseller of a large number of manufacturers of restaurant machinery and we work closely with over 50 world leading suppliers within professional kitchen equipment.


When it comes to installation, we take care of everything that is needed – from sewage and electricity to ventilation.

Customized solutions

No matter what plans you have, we’re happy to take your idea all the way from that first draft to a smooth finalization trough projecting and installation.

Maintenance and repair

We carry out repair and maintenance services to all brands. So whether you have purchased your kitchen equipment from our manufacturers or from other brands, we’re by your side.


All in all, we’re a one stop shop when it comes to making your professional kitchen dreams come true. If you have questions about our offer or want us to be a reseller for your brand, please contact our CEO Susanne Odding by emailing

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